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With cargo platform

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BICYCLE PRODUCTS - Accessories and Parts
There are many accessories and parts for the Side-by-Side EZ Classic Quadribent™.
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Quadribent Recumbent bikes Parts and Accessories

Pull behind trailer.
Quadribent with rumble seat and trailer for additional passengers.


Q Haul for transporting Quadribent Bikes

Bike rack carrier for Quadribent, also known as the EZ-Hauler.


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Quadribent Flexibility.
Here's how one family gets the most out of their Quadribent:

Their Quadribent is equipped with a removable rumble seat for the kids, sunroof canopies, windshields and an electric motor. The entire family gets to ride together on the weekends. During the week, the dad separates the bikes so he can use one of the recumbents to commute to work. And when he comes home on Friday, he can easily rejoin the bikes.

Shown here in the parking lot of the Lake Nokomis Community Center in Minneapolis, MN.

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