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With Cargo Platform

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Side-By-Side EZ Quadribent



Built-In Cargo Platform is included

A built-in Cargo Platform (18" x 30") comes standard on the EZ Quadribent™. The cargo platform allows you to easily take things with you:

  • Carry groceries.
  • Take along a picnic basket.
  • Bring a cooler.
  • Carry a backpack, briefcase or tote bag.
  • Carry an extra battery pack.
  • Pack sweaters, coats, umbrella.
  • Bring maps, trail guides, travel books.
  • Carry camera equipment.
  • Transport two sets of golf clubs.
  • Biking with animals

Cargo Platform ready to be customized

Customize the Cargo Platform

You can customize the cargo platform by adding a large plastic box or basket (you will want to make sure that all cargo items are securely attached to the platform and that you do not drill any holes in the cross beams).

Cargo platform is designed to handle up to 150 pounds.

Quadribent angled for annother view of the cargo platform
Another view of the cargo platform.

Quadribent with blue finish, side view for cargo platform Cargo platform side view.

My dog Charley Brown on the Quadribent's cargo platform
Quadribent shown with Charley Brown (Charley Brown not included)

Charley Brown
My dog Charley Brown rides along on the Quadribent's cargo platform.

I run a Velcro strap through Charley Brown's collar and through both seat back supports so he can move around but not jump off.

Biking with Charley Brown.
More photos Dog Biking Photos.

Cats Shadow and Booker in their cat carriers on the cargo plaform of the Quadribent. Shadow and Booker
Cats can ride the Quadribent, too. Shadow and Booker are in their cat carriers and strapped in securely on the cargo platform.

Charley Brown the dog looks at the cats on the Quadribent and thinks,

Who gets to ride?
Charley Brown has to take turns with the cats....

A view from the back of the Quadribent with two riders and Yellow Lab service dog. This 72-pound Yellow Lab service dog rides along on the cargo platform.
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